Fall 2011 Textbook List

The Fall 2011 Textbook List for class sections is available in the searchable Schedule of Classes (on http://registrar.siu.edu/records/schedclass.htm).  When you get the results of a search and look at the detail for that section, below the "View Catalog Entry" link is the "Textbook" link. This will open a new tab showing what books are required and recommended for the section, including the ISBN and costs (from our campus bookstore).


Salukinet does not include textbooks that are listed as access. Below is a complete list of textbooks.

Law 498001Intro to US Law and System9781594607141Second (2010)RequiredBrittonAn Introduction to American LawCarolina Academic PressMcAlinn, Rosen & Stern 
Law 499ALLLegal Writing and Research for Non Lawyers (MLS ONLY)978-0-314-21192-79thRequiredLiemer/Marlow/MunsonPrinciples of Legal ResearchWestKent Olson 
Law 499ALLLegal Writing and Research for Non Lawyers (MLS ONLY)978-0-7355-8930-84thRequiredLiemer/Marlow/MunsonALWD Citation Manual: A Professional System of CitationWolters Kluwer Law & BusinessDarby Dickerson 
Law 499ALLLegal Writing and Research for Non Lawyers (MLS ONLY)978-0-7355-8514-05thRequiredLiemer/Marlow/MunsonLegal Writing: Process, Analysis, and OrganizationWolters Kluwer Law & BusinessEdwards 
Law 501A001Professionalism and the Law  NonwBrittingham    
Law 502001Torts978-0-7355-7093-12ndRequiredMekelTorts: Cases and MaterialsAspen PublishersAaron Twerski & James Henderson 
Law 502002Torts978159941704212thRequiredKelleyTorts Cases and MaterialsFoundation PressProsser, Wade and Schwartz 
Law 503AALLLawyering Skills I978-0-314-21192-79thRequiredLiemer/Marlow/MunsonPrinciples of Legal ResearchWestKent Olson 
Law 503AALLLawyering Skills I978-0-7355-8930-84thRequiredLiemer/Marlow/MunsonALWD Citation Manual: A Professional System of CitationWolters Kluwer Law & BusinessDarby Dickerson 
Law 503AALLLawyering Skills I978-0-7355-8514-05thRequiredLiemer/Marlow/MunsonLegal Writing: Process, Analysis, and OrganizationWolters Kluwer Law & BusinessEdwards 
Law 508001Advanced Electronic Research   Lind/Wester-MittanNone   
Law 509001Constitutional Law978-0-7355-7856-23rdRequiredBuysAmerican Constitutional Law: Powers and LibertiesAspenMassey 
Law 509002Constitutional Law97807355085832011RequiredMaciasProcesses of Constitutional Decisionmaking 2011 Case SupplementAspenBrest 
Law 509002Constitutional Law0-7355-5062-X5thRequiredMaciasProcesses of Constitutional Decisionmaking: Cases and MaterialsAspenBrest, Levinson, Balkin, Amar, & Siegel 
Law 511001Contracts I9781609300791 Preferred or 978-1-59941-707-32011 Preferred or 2010RequiredRobertsonSelections for ContractsFoundation PressE.A. Farnsworth, W.E. Young, C. Sanger, N.B. Cohen, R.R.W. BrroksYes
Law 511001Contracts I978-1-59941-030-2SeventhRequiredRobertsonContracts: Cases and MaterialsFoundation PressE.A. Farnsworth, W.E. Young, C. Sanger, N.B. Cohen, R.R.W. Brroks 
Law 511002Contracts I978-0-7355-7938-5Most recentRequiredBasantaRules of Contract LawAspenKnapp, Crystal, and PrinceYes
Law 511002Contracts I978-0-7355-6255-46thRequiredBasantaProblems in Contract Law--Caes and MaterialsAspenKnapp, Crystal, and Prince 
Law 515001Partnership Taxation978-1-59941-385-3 8thRequiredMorrisFundamentals of Partnership Taxation Foundation PressStephen A. Lind, Stephen Schwarz, Daniel J. Lathrope & Joshua D. Rosenberg 
Law 516001Criminal Law978-1-59941-384-63rdRequiredAlexanderA Case Study in the Insanity Defense: The Trial of John Hinckley, JrFoundation PressBonnie, Jeffries and Low 
Law 516001Criminal Law978-0-314-25649-27thRequiredAlexanderCriminal LawWest PublishingPhillip Johnson and Morgan Cloud,Yes
Law 516002Criminal Law97807355692702ndRequiredC. BehanCriminal Law: Case Studies and ControversiesAspenPaul Robinson 
Law 517A001Introduction to Commercial Law  RequiredTBATBA   
Law 519001Constitutional Law: Advanced Topics03141490585thRequiredMaciasModern Constitutional Theory: A ReaderWestGarvey, Aleinikoff and Farber 
Law 519001Constitutional Law: Advanced Topics0-7355-5062-X5thRequiredMaciasProcesses of Constitutional Decisionmaking: Cases and MaterialsAspenBrest, Levinson, Balkin, Amar, & Siegel 
Law 519001Constitutional Law: Advanced Topics97807355085832011RequiredMaciasProcesses of Constitutional Decisionmaking 2011 Case SupplementAspenBrest 
Law 521001Pre-Trial Advocacy  SuggestedFeltmanLocal Rules of the US District Court Southern Dist. IllinoisUS Courts on line  
Law 521001Pre-Trial Advocacy97803142676968thRequiredFeltmanFundamentals of Pretrial LitigationWestHaydock, Herr & Stempel 
Law 521001Pre-Trial Advocacy97803149115992010-2011 Educational EdAccessFeltmanFederal Rules of Civil ProcedureWest  
Law 521001Pre-Trial Advocacy  AccessFeltmanIllinois Rules of Professional ConductIllinois ARDC on line  
Law 521001Pre-Trial Advocacy  AccessFeltmanIllinois Court Rules and Procedure, V.1 StateWest  
Law 521001Pre-Trial Advocacy  SuggestedFeltmanLocal Rules for the 1st, 2nd 4th and 20th Circuilts of IllinoisState of Illinois Circuits Court on line  
Law 522001Property I978-0-314-21013-5ThirdRequiredNoble-AllgireProperty & LawyeringWestFreyermuth, Organ, Noble-Allgire 
Law 522002Property I978-0-314-21013-5 RequiredLindseyProperty and LawyeringWestFreyermuth, Organ, Noble-AllgireYes
Law 522002Property I978-0-314-18369-9ThirdRequiredLindseyA Possessory Estates and Future Interests PrimerThomson/WestWendel 
Law 524001Advanced Real Estate Transactions978-1-4224-2986-0sixthRequiredLindseyReal Estate Transactions, Finance, and DevelopmentLexisNexisLefcoe 
Law 525001 and 002Federal Income Taxation978-0-314-18512-94thRequiredDrennanFederal Income Taxation: Cases, Problems and MaterialsThomson - WestJoel S. Newman 
Law 528001Corporations978031420516211thRequiredBrittinghamCases and Materials on Corporations Including Partnerships and Limited Liability Companiesthomson westHamilton, Macey and Moll 
Law 529001Criminal Procedure: Pre-trial978-0-314-18987-512thRequiredSchroederMODERN CRIMINAL PROCEDURE Cases - Comments - QuestionsThomson WestKamisar LaFave Israel King and kerrYes
Law 529001Criminal Procedure: Pre-trial97803142742502011RequiredSchroederSupplement to MODERN CRIMINAL PROCEDUREThomson WestKamisar LaFave Israel King and KerrYes
Law 531001Trusts and Estates978-0-3149-0323-52010 Edition SuggestedHokeWest's Illinois Probate Act and Related Laws    
Law 531001Trusts and Estates978-0-7355-7996-5Eighth Edition RequiredHokeWills, Trusts, and EstatesAspen Publishers Dukeminier Sitkoff Lindgren 
Law 531001Trusts and Estates978-1-59941-709-7 2010-2011 Edition SuggestedHokeUniform Trust and Estate Statutes Foundation Press Thomas P. Gallanis  
Law 534001 and 002Federal Courts97815994192067thRequiredAdamsFederal Courts and the Law of Federal-State RelationsFoundation PressPeter W. Low, John C. Jeffries, Jr. , Curtis A. Bradley 
Law 534001 and 002Federal Courts97807355640775thSuggestedAdamsFederal Jurisdiction, Fifth EditionAspenErwin Chemerinsky 
Law 534001 and 002Federal Courts97807355882642ndSuggestedAdamsFederal Courts: Examples & ExplanationsAspen PublishersLaura E. Little 
Law 534001 and 002Federal Courts97815994196887thRequiredAdamsFederal Courts and the Law of Federal – State Relations , 2011 SupplementFoundation PressPeter Low, John Jeffries, Curtis Bradley 
Law 535001 and 002Civil Procedure II978-0-7355-9068-72010RequiredAdams2010 Fed. Rules of Civil Procedure with Selected Statutes, Cases & Other MaterialsAspenYeazell 
Law 535001 and 002Civil Procedure II978-0-314-90228-32010RequiredAdamsIllinois Court Rules & Procedure Vol. 1West  
Law 535001 and 002Civil Procedure II  RequiredAdamsSupplemental MaterialsDuplicated at 710Adams & Beyler 
Law 535001 and 002Civil Procedure II9780735570337 SuggestedAdamsExamples & Explanations: Civil ProcedureAspenGlannonYes
Law 535001 and 002Civil Procedure II978-07355-6925-67thRequiredAdamsCivil ProcedureAspenYeazell 
Law 536001Evidence03142751502011-2012 Student EditionRequiredC. BehanCourtroom Evidence HandbookWestGoode and Wellborn 
Law 548001Environment Law:Laws and Policies97803142631002011-2012 Educational EditionRequiredMcCubbinSelected Environmental Law StatutesWest Yes
Law 548001Environment Law:Laws and Policies978-0-7355-8462-46thRequiredMcCubbinEnvironmental Regulation-Law, Science, and PolicyAspenPercival, Schroeder, Miller, Leape 
Law 555001Remedies978-0-314-26466-48thRequiredSmithRemedies, Cases and MaterialsWest Publishing CoDoug Rendleman and Caprice L. Roberts 
Law 556001Insurance Law978-1422406441Revised 3rd EditionRequiredChancePrinciples of Insurance LawLexisNexisFischer, Swicher & Stempel 
Law 558001 and 002International Law0-314-19887-34thRequiredBuysInternational Law: Cases and CommentaryThomson - WestJanis & Noyes 
Law 570001Client Interviewing and Counseling97803142381602ndRequiredV. BehanLawyers As Counselors: A Client-Centered ApproachWestBinder, Bergman, Price and Tremblay 
Law 571001Advanced Appellate Moot Court  NoneAnderson    
Law 572001Journal of Legal Medicine Editor  NoneMekel    
Law 572002Journal of Legal Medicine Staff  NoneMekel    
Law 573001Law Journal Editor  NoneHoudek    
Law 573002Law Journal Staff  NoneHoudek    
Law 574001Advanced Mock Trial  NoneMekel    
Law 584001Consumer Protection97803141615293rdRequiredFeltmanConsumer Law; Cases and MaterialsTomson; West publicationSpanogle, Rohner, Pridgen, Sovern 
Law 584001Consumer Law97803142081562009 EdSuggestedFeltmanSelected Consumer StatutesWestSpanogle, Rohner, Pridgen, Sovern 
Law 584001Consumer Law97803142622712010 EdSuggestedFeltmanSelected Commercial Statutes for payment systems coursesWestChomsky, Kunz, Rusch and Schiltz 
Law 590001SWS Global Climate Change   McCubbinNONE   
Law 590002Senior Seminar: Advanced Criminal Procedure Topics978-1-4165-5149-22007RequiredSchroederIt’s Not About the Truth: The Untold Story of the Duke Lacrosse Case and the Lives It ShatteredThreshold EditionsDon Yaeger 
Law 590002Senior Seminar: Advanced Criminal Procedure Topics978-0-312-36912-52008RequiredSchroederUntil Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape CaseSt. Martin’s PressStuart Taylor, Jr. and K. C. Johnson 
Law 590003International White Collar Crime03991509352004RequiredDervanThe Art of the Steal: Inside the Sotherby's-Christie's Auction House ScandalPutnamChristopher Mason 
Law 590003International White Collar Crime07432872072000RequiredDervanThe Constant GardenerScribnerJohn le Carre 
Law 598001Bioethics and the Law978-0-7355-7767-11stRequiredMekel/RyanHealth Law & Bioethics: Cases in ContextWolters KluwerSandra Johnson, Joan Krause, Richard Saver, Robin Fretwell Wilson 
Law 606001 and 002International Criminal Law97815994175302ndRequiredDervanInternational Criminal Law and Its EnforcementFoundation PressBeth Van Schaack and Ronald C. SlyeYes
Law 608001Current Developments in International Law: International Intellectual Property and Economic Development   SchultzNONE   
Law 608002Current Developments in International Law  NoneFountaine/Dervan    
Law 611742Continuning Enrollment MLS  NoneBritton    
Law 619001Civil Rights978-1-59941-339-6 RequiredAndersonCivil Rights Actions: Enforcing the ConstitutionFoundation PressJeffries, et al.Yes
Law 619001Civil Rights978-1-59941-081-4 RequiredAndersonCivil Rights StoriesFoundation PressGiles & Goluboff, eds.Yes
Law 630001 Intellectual Property97807355906182010RequiredSchultz Intellectual Property in the New Technological Age: Case and Statutory SupplementAspenMerges, Menell, and Lemley 
Law 630001 Intellectual Property97807355891315thRequiredSchultz Intellectual Property in the New Technological AgeAspenMerges, Menell, and Lemley 
Law 637001Advanced Trial Advocacy97807355772132ndRequiredAlexanderTRIALSAspen Publishers (Wolters Kluwer). Thomas A. Mauet 
Law 638001Advanced Appellate Advocacy9780735568563 SuggestedAndersonAspen Handbook for Legal WritersAspenDeborah E. BouchouxYes
Law 638001Advanced Appellate Advocacy  RequiredAndersonThe BluebookColumbia Law Review, et al.Harvard Law Review/Gannett HouseYes
Law 638001Advanced Appellate Advocacy978-0-7355-6230-1 RequiredAndersonPersuasive Written and Oral Advocacy in Trial and Appellate CourtsAspenFontham, et al.Yes
Law 662001Health Care Legislation13: 978-1-56793-354-3FifthRequiredBasantaHealth Policy Making in the United StatesHealth Administration PressLongest 
Law 668001Public Health Law9780520261921Forthcoming June 2011RequiredSilvermanPoverty, Health and Law: Readings and Cases for Medical-Legal PartnershipCarolina Academic PressTobin Tyler, Ellen Lawton, Kathleen Conroy, Megan Sandel, Barry S. Zuckerman 
Law 668001Public Health Law97805202537662ndRequiredSilvermanPublic Health Law: Power, Duty, Restraint, Revised and Updated Second EditionUniversity of California PressLawrence O. Gostin 
Law 672ALLJudicial Extern Clinic   Noble-AllgireNo Required Text   
Law 674001Domestic Violence Clinic   ThomasNone   
Law 675001Public Interest Extern Clinic978-0-314-15284-82nd 2007SuggestedErbesLearning from PracticeWestOgilvy, Wortham and Lerman 
Law 677001Juvenile Justice Clinic  NoneWells    
Law 690800Visiting Away Student  NoneFountaine    
Law 691001SA Criminal Practice1-55681-965-X2006 (first edition)RequiredSchroederTrial Advocacy BasicsNITA (National Institute for Trial AdvocacyGitchel and O'Brien 
Law 693001Sem Away Externship – Health Policy Law  NoneMekel