Fall 2012 Textbook List


Law 498001Introduction to American Law and Legal SystemBrittonRequiredAn Introduction to American LawSecond (2010)9781594607141Carolina Academic PressMcAlinn, Rosen & Stern
Law 499001Legal Wriging and Resuarch for Non-LawyersBrittonRequiredALWD Citation Manual4th9780735589308AspenAssociation of Legal Writing Directors & Darby Dickerson
Law 499001Legal Wriging and Resuarch for Non-LawyersBrittonRequiredLegal Writing2nd9780735599949ApsenRichard K. Neumann, Jr., and Sheila Simon
Law 499001Legal Wriging and Resuarch for Non-LawyersBrittonRequiredPrinciples of Legal Research20099780314211927WestKent C. Olson
Law 501A001Professionalism and the LawFountaine No Text    
Law 501A002Professionalism and the LawFountaine No Text    
Law 502001TortsMekelRequiredTorts: Cases and Materials3rd9781454806240AspenAaron Twerski & James Henderson, Jr.
Law 502002TortsKoehlerRequiredTorts: Cases and Materials3rd978-1-4548-0624-0Wolters KluwerTwerski, Henderson and Wendel
Law 503A001-006Lawyering Skills ILiemer/Marlow/MunsonRequiredPrinciples of Legal Research9th978-0-314-21192-7WestKent Olson
Law 503A001-006Lawyering Skills ILiemer/Marlow/MunsonRequiredLegal Writing: Process, Analysis, and Organization5th 978-0-7355-8514-0Wolters Kluwer Law & BusinessEdwards
Law 503A001-006Lawyering Skills ILiemer/Marlow/MunsonRequiredALWD Citation Manual: A Professional System of Citation4th978-0-7355-8930-8Wolters Kluwer Law & BusinessDarby Dickerson
Law 508001Advanced Electronic Legal ResearchLind No text    
Law 509001Constitutional LawBuysRequiredAmerican Constitutional Law: Powers and LibertiesThird9780735578562Aspen Publishers - Wolters KluwerMassey
Law 509002Constitutional LawMaciasRequiredConstitutional Law: Cases, History, and Practice4th978-1-4224-8537-8 (LL) or 978-1-4224-8536-1 (HC)LexisNexisAraiza & Medina
Law 509002Constitutional LawMaciasSuggestedConstitutional Law: Principles and Policies4th978-0-7355-9897-3Wolters KluwerChemerinsky
Law 511001Contracts ICameroRequiredProblems in Contract Law: Cases and Materials7th978-0-7355-9822-5Wolters KluwerKnapp, Crystal, & Prince
Law 511001Contracts ICameroRequiredRules of Contract Law2012-20139781454818564AspenKnapp, Crystal, & Prince
Law 511002Contracts IBasantaRequiredProblems in Contract Law: Cases and Materials7th978-0-7355-9822-5Wolters KluwerKnapp, Crystal, & Prince
Law 511002Contracts IBasantaRequiredRules of Contract Law2012-20139781454818564AspenKnapp, Crystal, & Prince
Law 513A001Legislative & Administrative ProcessesBrittonRequiredLegislation and Regulation20109781599417264Foundation PressManning and Stephenson
Law 513A002Legislative & Administrative ProcessesMaciasRequiredDocuments Supplement to Cases and Materials on Legislation 978-0-314-20816-3WestEskridge & Brudney
Law 513A002Legislative & Administrative ProcessesMaciasRequiredLegislation and Regulation20109781599417264Foundation PressManning and Stephenson
Law 513A002Legislative & Administrative ProcessesMaciasRequiredMastering Statutory Interpretation 978-1-59460-314-3Carolina Academic PressJellum
Law 514001 and 002Corporate TaxationMorrisRequiredFundamentals of Corporate Taxation8th9781609300685Foundation PressLind, Schwarz and Lathrope
Law 517A001Introduction to Commercial LawBrittinghamRequiredCommercial Transactions, A Systems Approach4th 2009978-0-7355-7643-8Aspen/Wolters KluwerLopucki, Warren, Keating & Mann
Law 517A001Introduction to Commercial LawBrittinghamRequiredCommercial & Debtor-Creditor Law: Sel Statutes or Commercial Law: Selected Statutes2011 Ed or 2012-2013 edition9781599419480 or 9781609301538Foundation PressFoundation or Warren & Walt
Law 521001Pre-Trial AdvocacyFeltmanRequiredFederal Rules of Civil Procedure2011-2012 Educational Ed9780314263186West 
Law 521001Pre-Trial AdvocacyFeltmanAccessIllinois Court Rules and Procedure, V.1 State2012 WestBaird, Eisenberg and Jackson
Law 521001Pre-Trial AdvocacyFeltmanSuggestedLocal Rules of the US District Court Southern Dist. Illinois  US Courts on line 
Law 521001Pre-Trial AdvocacyFeltmanSuggestedLocal Rules for the 1st, 2nd 4th and 20th Circuilts of Illinois  State of Illinois Circuits Court on line 
Law 521001Pre-Trial AdvocacyFeltmanAccessIllinois Rules of Professional Conduct  Illinois ARDC on line 
Law 521001Pre-Trial AdvocacyFeltmanRequiredFundamentals of Pretrial Litigation 9780314267696WestHaydock, Herr & Stempel
Law 522001Property INoble-AllgireRequiredProperty & LawyeringThird978-0-314-21013-5WestFreyermuth, Organ, Noble-Allgire
Law 522002Property ILindseyRequiredPossessory Estates and Future Interests3d9780314183699WestWendel
Law 522002Property ILindseyRequiredProperty and Lawyering3rd9780314210135WestFreyermuth, Organ & Noble-Allgire
Law 525001 and 002Federal Income TaxDrennanRequiredFederal Income Taxation Cases, Problems, and Materials5th9780314271716WestJoel S. Newman
Law 526001 and 002Basic Estate PlanningDrennanRequiredTeaching Materials on Estate Planning3rd9780314154071WestGerry W. Beyer
Law 527001 and 002Agency & PartnershipJohnsonRequiredUnincorporated Business EntitiesFourth9781422429600LexisNexisRibstein and Lipshaw
Law 528001CorporationsBrittinghamRequiredCases & Materials on Corporationseleventh978-0-314-20516-2WestHamilton, Macey & Moll
Law 529001 and 002Criminal Procedure: Pre-TrialSchroederRequiredSupplement to Modern Criminal Procedure - Cases, Comments, Questions20129780314281241Thomson WestKamisar LaFave Israel King and Kerr
Law 529001 and 002Criminal Procedure: Pre-TrialSchroederRequiredModern Criminal Procedure - Cases, Comments, Questions13978-0-314-91167-4Thomson WestKamisar LaFave Israel King and Kerr
Law 531001Trusts & EstatesHokeSuggestedUniform Trust and Estate Statutes2011-2012978-1-59941-957-2Foundation Press Thomas P. Gallanis
Law 531001Trusts & EstatesHokeRequiredWills, Trusts, and Estates Eighth978-0-7355-7996-5Wolters Kluwer Law & BusinessDukeminier, Sitkoff, Lindgren
Law 531001Trusts & EstatesHokeRequiredWest's Illinois Probate Act and Related Laws 20129780314650078West 
Law 534001 and 002Federal CourtsBeylerRequiredStudent Packet for Federal Courts2012  Keith H. Beyler
Law 534001 and 002Federal CourtsBeylerRequiredFederal Courts: Cases & Materials13th9781609300722Foundation ProessCharles Alan Wright, John B. Oakley & Debra Lyn Bassett
Law 535001Civil Procedure IIBeylerRequiredCivil Procedure7th978-07355-6925-6Wolters KluwerStephen C. Yeazell
Law 535001Civil Procedure IIBeylerRequiredFederal Rules of Civil Procedure2011978-0-7355-0875-0Wolters KluwerStephen C. Yeazell
Law 535001Civil Procedure IIBeylerRequiredStudent Packet for Civil Procedure II2012  Keith H. Beyler
Law 535001Civil Procedure IIBeylerRequiredIllinois Court Rules & Procedure: Volume I-State2011978-0-314-93982-1West 
Law 535002Civil Procedure IIPardieckRequiredIllinois Court Rules & Procedure - State (Vol. I,Illinois Court Rules)2012not yet availableWest 
Law 535002Civil Procedure IIPardieckRequiredFederal Rules of Civil Procedure, Statutory Supplement2012not yet availableAspenYeazell
Law 535002Civil Procedure IIPardieckRequiredCivil ProcedureEighth9781454807100AspenYeazell
Law 536001EvidenceC. BehanRequiredEvidence and the Advocate: A Contextual Approach to Learning Evidence20129781422481936 or loose-leaf: 9781422490587LexisBehan
Law 536001EvidenceC. BehanSuggestedCourtroom Evidence Handbook2012-2013 Student Edition WestGoode and Wellborn
Law 548001 and 002Environmental Law: Laws and PoliciesMcCubbinRequiredSelected Environmental Law Statutes2012-2013 West 
Law 548001 and 002Environmental Law: Laws and PoliciesMcCubbinRequiredEnvironmental Regulation-Law, Science, and Policy6th978-0-7355-8462-4AspenPercival, Schroeder, Miller, Leape
Law 555001RemediesBrittinghamRequiredRemedies: Damages, Equity & RestitutionFourth978-1-4224-2954-9LexisNexisThompson, Sebert, Gross & Robertson
Law 556001Insurance LawChanceRequiredPrinciples of Insurance Law -- BOUND OR LOOSELEAF IS FINERev 4th9781422476864LexisNexisSTEMPEL, SWISHER, KNUTSEN
Law 557001JurisprudenceMunsonRequiredLawyers and Fundamental Moral Responsibility2nd ed. 201097814224702519781422470251Daniel R. Coquillette, R. Michael Cassidy, Judith A. McMorrow
Law 558001International LawBuysRequiredInternational Law: Cases and CommentaryFourth9780314198877WestJanis and Noyes
Law 570001Client Interviewing & CounselingV. BehanRequiredLawyers As Counselors: A Client-Centered Approach3rd9780314194916WestBinder, Bergman, Price and Tremblay
Law 571001Advanced Moot CourtAnderson None    
Law 572001Journal of Legal Medicine-EditorMekel TBD    
Law 572002Journal of Legal Medicine-StaffMekel TBD    
Law 573001Law Journal-EditorHoudek TBD    
Law 573002Law Journal-StaffHoudek TBD    
Law 574001Advanced Mock TrialC. Behan No Text    
Law 579001Land Use PlanningLindseyRequiredPlanning & Control of Land Dev.: Cases & Materials8th, 20119781422481639LexisNexisMandelker, Brown, et al
Law 584001Consumer ProtectionFeltmanSuggestedSelected Commercial Statutes for payment systems courses2012 Ed9780314282569WestChomsky, Kunz, Rusch and Schiltz
Law 584001Consumer ProtectionFeltmanSuggestedSelected Consumer Statutes2011 Ed9780314274755WestSpanogle, Rohner, Pridgen, Sovern
Law 584001Consumer ProtectionFeltmanRequiredConsumer Law; Cases and Materials3rd9780314161529Tomson; West publicationSpanogle, Rohner, Pridgen, Sovern
Law 590001Senior Writing SeminarMcCubbinRequiredNONE    
Law 590002Senior Writing SeminarPardieckRequiredThe Japanese Legal System2nd9781609300296Foundation PressMilhaupt, Ramseyer and West
Law 590003Senior Writing SeminarSchroederRequiredIt's Not About the Truth: The Untold Story of the Duke Lacrosse Case and the Lives It Shattered2007978-1-4165-5149-2Threshold EditionsDon Yaeger
Law 590003Senior Writing SeminarSchroederRequiredUntil Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case2008978-0-312-36912-5St. Martin's PressStuart Taylor, Jr. and K. C. Johnson
Law 593C001Immigration Law Practice ExperienceBuys None    
Law 596001Health Policy LawKinneyRequiredThe Law of Health Care Finance and RegulationSecond Edition 9780735572997Aspen Publisher Mark A. Hall, Mary Anne Bobinski, David Orentlicher
Law 597001Medical Malpractice LawRyan Liability and Quality Issues in Health Care6 th9780314184757WestFurrow, et al
Law 597C001Medical Malpractice Clinical RotationRyan None    
Law 606001International Criminal LawC. BehanRequiredInternational Criminal Law and Its Enforcement2nd 20101599417537Foundation PressVan Schaack and Slye
Law 609001Current Developments in American Law:Schultz NONE    
Law 609002Current Developments in American Law:Kinney NONE    
Law 609002Current Developments in American Law:Kinney NONE    
Law 609003Current Developments in American Law:TaylorRequiredMediation: Principles and Practicethird0-314-15022-6Thomson WestKimberlee K. Kovach
Law 609003Current Developments in American Law:TaylorRequiredGetting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving Inthird13: 9780143118756 Penguin GroupRoger Fisher, William L. Ury, Bruce Patton
Law 611742Continuing Enrollment MLSBritton TBD    
Law 620001Employment DiscriminationAndersonRequiredCases and Materials on Equality in the Workplace8th978-0-314-19094-9 Diane Avery, et. Al
Law 620001Employment DiscriminationAndersonRequiredEmployment Discrimination Stories 978-1-58778-888-8Foundation PressFriedman
Law 630001Intellectual PropertySchultzRequiredIntellectual Property in the New Technological Age5th9780735589131AspenMerges, Menell & Lemley
Law 638001Advanced Appellate AdvocacyAndersonRequiredThe Bluebook19th978 0315361161Harvard Law Review/ Gannett HouseColumbia Law Review, et al.
Law 638001Advanced Appellate AdvocacyAndersonSuggestedAspen Handbook for Legal Writers2nd9780735568563AspenDeborah E. Bouchoux
Law 638001Advanced Appellate AdvocacyAndersonRequiredPersuasive Written and Oral Advocacy in Trial and Appellate Courts2nd ed.978-0-7355-6230-1AspenFontham, et al.
Law 642001NegotiationV. BehanRequiredGetting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In2011 upd. Revised Ed9781101539545Penguin Group (USA) IncorporatedWilliam Ury
Law 662001Health Care LegislationBasantaRequiredHealth Policy Making in the United States5th ed. 2010978-1-56793-354-3Health Administration PressLongest
Law 672001Judicial ExternshipNoble-AllgireRequiredNone    
Law 673001Civil Practice ClinicO'Neill/TBD TBD    
Law 674001Domestic Violence ClinicThomasSuggestedNone    
Law 675001Public Interest ExternshipErbes None    
Law 675001Public Interest ExternshipErbes None    
Law 677001Juvenile Justice ClinicWells TBD    
Law 691001Semester in Practice ExternshipSchroederRequiredNone    
Law 693001Semester in Practice ExternshipMekelRequiredNone    
Law 695001Semester in Practice ExternshipSchultz None