Spring2012 Textbook List

The Spring 2012 Textbook List for class sections is available in the searchable Schedule of Classes (on http://registrar.siu.edu/records/schedclass.htm).  When you get the results of a search and look at the detail for that section, below the "View Catalog Entry" link is the "Textbook" link. This will open a new tab showing what books are required and recommended for the section, including the ISBN and costs (from our campus bookstore).


Salukinet does not include textbooks that are listed as access. Below is a complete list of textbooks.

Course_NumberSectionCourseISBNEd.TextbookInstructorTypeAuthorPublisherNewest ed.
Law 501B001 & 002Professionalism and the Law  NoneBrittingham    
Law 504 AAllLawyering Skills II978-0-314-21192-79thPrinciples of Legal ResearchLiemer/ Marlow/ MunsonRequiredKent OlsonWest 
Law 504 AAllLawyering Skills II978-0-7355-8930-84thALWD Citation ManualLiemer/ Marlow/ MunsonRequiredALWD & Darby DickersonAspen 
Law 504 AAllLawyering Skills II978-0-7355-8514-05thLegal Writing: Process, Analysis, and OrganizationLiemer/ Marlow/ MunsonRequiredLinda H. EdwardsAspen 
Law 505001Civil Procedure I978-0-314-93982-12011Illinois Court Rules and ProcedureAdamsRequiredWestWestYes
Law 505001Civil Procedure I978-0-7355-0875-02011Fed. Rules of Civil Procedure with Selected Statutes, Cases & Other MaterialsAdamsRequiredYeazellWolters KluwerYes
Law 505001Civil Procedure I 2012Civil Procedure I SupplementAdamsRequiredAdams & BeylerDuplicated materials 
Law 505001Civil Procedure I13 9780735570337 6thExamples & Explanations: Civil ProcedureAdamsSuggestedGlannonAspenYes
Law 505001Civil Procedure I978-1-4224-0712-74thUnderstanding Civil ProcedureAdamsSuggestedShreve & Raven HansenLexis NexisYes
Law 505001Civil Procedure I978-07355-6925-67thCivil ProcedureAdamsRequiredYeazellAspenYes
Law 505002Civil Procedure I97807355703376thCivil Procedure: Examples & ExplanationsBeylerSuggestedGlannonWolters Kluwer 
Law 505002Civil Procedure I978-0-7355-6925-67thCivil ProcedureBeylerRequiredYeazellWolters Kluwer 
Law 505002Civil Procedure Inone2012Student Packet for Civil Procedure IBeylerRequiredBeylernone 
Law 505002Civil Procedure I97803149398212011Illinois Court Rules & Procedure: Volume I-StateBeylerRequiredWestWestYes
Law 505002Civil Procedure I978-0-7355-0875-02011Federal Rules of Civil ProcedureBeylerRequiredYeazellWolters Kluwer 
Law 508001Advanced Electronic Research  NoneLind/Wester-MittanRequired   
Law 512001Contracts II978-1-60930-079-12011Selections for ContractsRobertsonRequiredFarsnworth, Sanger, Cohen, Brooks & GarvinFoundation Press 
Law 512001Contracts II978-1-59941-030-27thContracts: Cases and Materials RobertsonRequiredFarnsworth, Young, Sanger, Cohen & BrooksFoundation Press 
Law 512002Contracts II978-0-7355-6255-46thProblems in Contract Law--Cases and MaterialsBasantaRequiredKnapp, Crystal, and PrinceAspenYes
Law 512002Contracts II978 07355080882009-2010Rules of Contract LawBasantaReqiuredKnapp, Crystal, and PrinceAspenYes
Law 513A001Legislative & Administrative Processes978-1-59941-726-42010Legislation and RegulationMaciasRequiredManning & StephensonFoundation Press 
Law 513A002Legislative & Admin. Processes978-1-59941-726-42010Legislation and RegulationBrittonRequiredManning & StephensonFoundation Press 
Law 514001Corporate Taxation97815994138607thFundamentals of Corporate Taxation, Cases and MaterialsMorrisRequiredStephen A. Lind; Stephen Schwarz; Daniel J. Lathrope; Joshua D. Rosenberg  
Law 517A001Introduction to Commercial Law978-0-7355-7643-84 th edCommercial Transactions: A Systems ApproachBrittinghamRequiredLynn M. LoPuckiWolters Kluwer Law & Business 
Law 517A001Introduction to Commercial Law978 15994194802011Commercial and Debtor-Creditor Law: Selected StatutesBrittinghamRequiredBaird, Eisenberg and JacksonWest 
Law 521001Pre-Trial Advocacy  Illinois Court Rules and Procedure, V.1 StateFeltmanAccess West 
Law 521001Pre-Trial Advocacy97803142631862011-2012 Educational EdFederal Rules of Civil ProcedureFeltmanRequired West 
Law 521001Pre-Trial Advocacy9780314267696 Fundamentals of Pretrial LitigationFeltmanRequiredHaydock, Herr & StempelWest 
Law 521001Pre-Trial Advocacy  Illinois Rules of Professional ConductFeltmanAccess Illinois ARDC on line 
Law 521001Pre-Trial Advocacy  Local Rules for the 1st, 2nd 4th and 20th Circuilts of IllinoisFeltmanSuggested State of Illinois Circuits Court on line 
Law 521001Pre-Trial Advocacy  Local Rules of the US District Court Southern Dist. IllinoisFeltmanSuggested US Courts on line 
Law 523001Property II978-0-314-21013-5ThirdProperty & LawyeringNoble-AllgireRequiredFreyermuth, Organ, Noble-AllgireWestYes
Law 523002Property II978-0-314-21013-5thirdProperty and LawyeringLindseyRequiredFreyermuth, Organ, Noble-AllgireWest 
Law 526001Basic Estate Planning0-314-15407-8Third Estate Planning HokeRequiredGerry W. BeyerThomson West  
Law 526001Basic Estate Planning97803149221992011West's Illinois Probate Act and Related Laws HokeRequired WestYes
Law 527001 & 002Agency & Partnership9781422429600Fourth Unincorporated Business EntitiesJohnsonRequiredRibstein and LipshawLexis Nexis Mathew BenderYes
Law 531001Trusts and Estates978-0-314-92219-92011West's Illinois Probate Act and Related LawsNoble-AllgireSuggested WestYes
Law 531001Trusts and Estates9781422411766ThirdFundamentals of Trusts and EstatesNoble-AllgireRequiredAndersen & BloomLexisNexisYes
Law 533001 and 002Administrative Law978 1422476963 or 978 14224704356thAdministrative Law: Cases and MaterialsMcCubbinRequiredCharles H. Koch, Jr., Williams S. Jordan, III; & Richard W. MurphyLexisNexis 
Law 536001Evidence978 03142753492011- 2012Federal Rules of EvidenceSchroederRequired West 
Law 536001Evidence978 03141772304thA Modern Approach to Evidence: Text, Problems, Transcripts and CasesSchroederRequiredLempert, et al.West 
Law 537001-007Trial Advocacy03142028382ndFundamental Trial AdvocacyC. BehanRequiredRoseWest 
Law 540001Family Law97803141956542ndContemporary Family LawHopkinsRequiredAbrams, Cahn, Ross & Meyer'sWest 
Law 543001Conflict of Laws978-0-7335-7818-0 Conflict of Laws: Examples & ExplanationsBeylerSuggestedHoffheimerWolters Kluwer 
Law 543001Conflict of Laws97807355574516thConflict of Laws: Cases & MaterialsBeylerRequiredBrilmayer, Goldsmith & O'Hara O'ConnorWolters Kluwer 
Law 543001Conflict of Lawsnone2012Student Packet for Conflict of LawsBeylerRequiredKeith Beylernone 
Law 549001Children and The Law978-0-8205-6410-42 ndCases and MaterialsThompson Garner and DupreLexis 
Law 553001Labor Law978-0-314-16677-71stLabor Law in the CotemporaryBrittingham Dau-Schmidt, Malin, et alWest 
Law 559001International Bususiness Transactions978-0-7355-7065-82ndInternational Business Transactions Problems Cases and MaterialsBuysRequiredChow and SchoenbaumAspen 
Law 562001Copyright Law978-0-7355-9196-73rdCopyright in a Global Information EconomySchultzRequiredCohen, Loren, Okediji and O'RourkeWolters Kluwer 
Law 570001Client Interviewing & Counseling0-314-23816-62ndLawyers As Counselors: A Client Centered ApproachTaylorRequiredBinder, Bergman, Price, and TremblayWest 
Law 571001Advanced Appellate Moot Court  NoneAnderson    
Law 572001 & 002Journal of Legal Medicine  NoneMekel    
Law 573001 & 002Law Journal  NoneHoudek    
Law 574001Advanced Mock Trial  NoneC. Behan    
Law 577001Bankruptcy97807355087672011 edBankruptcy and Article 9FrazierRequiredWarrenAspen/Wolters KluwerYes
Law 577001Bankruptcy978-0-7355-7626-16thThe Law of Debtors and Creditors: Text, Cases, and ProblemsFrazierRequiredWarren/WestbrookAspen/Wolters KluwerYes
Law 580001Legal Profession978-0-7355-7969-98thRegulation of Lawyers: Problems of Law and EthicsErbesRequiredStephen GillersAspenYes
Law 580001Legal Profession 97807355905642011Regulation of Lawyers Statutes & Standards ErbesRequiredGillers, Simon & PerlmanAspen 
Law 580002Legal Profession978-0-7355-7969-98th 2009Regulation of LawyersFountaineRequiredGillersAspen 
Law 580002Legal Profession9780735508613Concise Edition 2012Regulation of Lawyers Statutes & StandardsFountaineRequiredGillers, Simon, & PerlmanAspen 
Law 585001State and Local Government  NoneBritton    
Law 587001Law Practice Management0-8205-5347-62004MATERIALS AND CASES ON LAW PRACTICE MANAGEMENTErbesRequiredThomas McKnight SteeleLexis/Nexis 
Law 590001Senior Seminar-Not for Profit1-56662-763-X2 ndNonprofit Organizations, Cases and Materials,SherwoodRequiredJames J. Fishman and Stephen SchwarzFoundation Press 
Law 590002Senior Seminar-Race and the Law978-1-59941-001-2 Race Law StoriesLindseyRequiredMoran and CarbadoFoundation PressYes
Law 590003Senior Seminar-Military Law1422417107 Military Justice Cases and MaterialsC. Behan Fidell, Hillman, SullivanLexisNexis 
Law 593001Immigration Law9781599416137fifthImmigration and Refugee Law and PolicyBuysRequiredLegomsky & RodriguezFoundation Press 
Law 593001Immigration Law97803142742812011Immigration and Nationality Laws of the US, Selected Statutes, Regs and FormsBuysRequiredAleinikoff et al.West 
Law 593C001Immigration Law Practical Experience  noneBuys    
Law 594001Criminal Procedure Post Investigation978 031418987512thModern Criminal Procedure: Cases - Comments - QuestionsSchroederRequiredKamisar, et al.West 
Law 594001Criminal Procedure Post Investigation978 03142742502011 SuppModern Criminal Procedure: Cases - Comments - Questions SupplementSchroederRequiredKamisar, et al.West 
Law 596001Health Policy Law0735572992Second Edition,The Law of Health Care Finance and RegulationBasantaRequiredMark A. Hall , Mary Anne Bobinski , David OrentlicherAspen 
Law 597001Medical Malpractice97803141847576thLiability and Quality Issues in Health CareRyan Furrow, et alWest 
Law 597C001Medical Malpractice Clinical Rotation  No TextRyan    
Law 600001Disability Law9781422 4732697thThe Law of Disability DiscriminationAndersonRequiredColkerLexisNexis 
Law 600001Disability Law978 14224948827thThe Law of Disability Discrimination HandbookAndersonReqiuredColkerLexisNexis 
Law 601001First Amendment Rights9780769847740Revised 1stSkills & Values: The First AmendmentMaciasRequiredBergin & RhodesLexisNexis 
Law 601001First Amendment Rights978-0-314-90456-05thThe First Amendment: Cases--Comments--QuestionsMaciasRequiredShiffrin & ChoperWest 
Law 601001First Amendment Rights978-0-314-27461-82011 SupplementThe First Amendment: Cases--Comments--QuestionsMaciasRequiredShiffrin & ChoperWest 
Law 605001 & 002White Collar Crime97803141850443rd EditionWhite Collar Crime: Law and PracticeDervanRequiredIsrael, Podgor, Borman, and HenningWest 
Law 607001Workers’ Compensation97803141879496thRequired Workers' Compensation: Cases & MaterialsCarawayRequiredLittle, Eaton & SmithWest Thompson 
Law 609001 & 002Current Developments in American Law978-1-4548-0266-22011 2ndAnimal Law: Welfare, Interests, and RightsV. BehanRequiredDavid S. FavreAspen 
Law 611001Continuing Enrollment Master of Legal Studies  NoneBritton    
Law 618001 & 002Sentencing Law9780735563612Second EditionSentencing Law and Policy: Cases, Statutes, and GuidelinesDervanRequiredDemleitner, Berman, Miller, and WrightAspen Publishing (Wolters Kluwer) 
Law 620001Employment Discrimination97815994179128thThe Law of Employment DiscriminationAdamsRequiredFriedmanFoundationYes
Law 622001Employment Law978 15994188277thEmployment Law Cases and MaterialsAndersonRequiredRothstein & LiebmanFoundation Press 
Law 627001Women in Leadship Workshop  NoneBuys/Noble-Allgire    
Law 628001Women in Leadership Practium  NoneBuys/Noble-Allgire    
Law 633001Intellectual Property and Commercialization9780820561509 or 9781422426067 (loose leaf)2006Intellectual Property in Business Organizations Cases and MaterialsPatinoRequiredGruner et alLexisNexis 
Law 634001 & 002Trademarks & Unfair Competition978-1-4224-8059-58thTrademarks and Unfair CompetitionSchultzRequiredHIlliard, Welch and WidmaierLexisNexis 
Law 636001Advanced Torts9781422472200  Torts: Cases, Problems & ExercisesMekelRequiredRussell Weaver, John Bauman, John Cross, Andrew Klein, Edawrd Mavin, & Paul Zwier, IIILexis-NexisYes
Law 640001Alternative Dispute Resolution978-0-7355-8919-3secondDispute Resolution: Beyond the Adversarial ModelSchmitzRequiredMenkel-Meadow, Love, Schneider, SternlightAspen Publisher 
Law 642001Negotiation0-553-37131-21993 ed.Getting Past No: Negotiating in Difficult SituationsV. BehanSuggestedRandom House Publishing GroupWilliam Ury 
Law 642001Negotiation978-1-4224-2953-26th Edition 2009Effective Legal Negotiation And SettlementV. BehanRequiredCharles B. Craver Yes
Law 642001Negotiation0-14-311875-72011 upd. Revised Ed.Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving InV. BehanRequiredPenguin Group (USA) IncorporatedWilliam Ury 
Law 650001Advanced Environmental Litigation  NoneMcCubbin    
Law 672001Judicial Externship  NoneNoble-Allgire    
Law 673001Civil Practice Clinic  NoneO'Neill/Ramos    
Law 674001Domestic Violence Clinic  NoneThomas    
Law 675001Public Interest Clinic  NoneErbes    
Law 677001Juvenile Justice Clinic  NoneWells    
Law 690001Visiting Away Program  NoneFountaine    
Law 691001Semester Away  NoneSchroeder    
Law 692001Semester Away State & Local Government  NoneBritton